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New York Contemporary Art Center (NYCAC) is an international art consortium composed of artists and accomplished academics who are focused on contemporary art in numerous countries. Its headquarters are located in New York, USA.

The New York headquarters of the International Art Consortium consists of the Art Selection Committee and the Design Department. The European Regional Center now has French, Italian, and Spanish branches. The Asia-Pacific Regional Center now includes Beijing, Hubei, Hunan and Fujian branches.

We will work with well-known art institutions and artists to set up branches in other countries. We intend to promote international art exchanges, healthy fashion, and create equal and open art spaces. We will carry out worldwide cultural and artistic exchanges, invite artists and art groups to conduct friendly international visits, hold various art exhibitions, academic seminars and exchange visits among artists, reward outstanding artists for their artistic achievements and promote their entry into the Chinese and Western art market. We participate in art expositions and auction artists' works in various countries.

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